Out and About

September 13, 2012

The gorgeous weather on Sunday inspired me to grab my camera and head over to the Stockton Market.

On the way, I found Ken, the owner/chef of  The Bridge Cafe in Frenchtown, picking hot peppers in his garden behind the restaurant. The place was buzzing with dozens of bicyclists stopped for food and drink.

Pink is my favorite color.

Sunflowers greet you at the door.

Eat This  has jams, curds and olive oil bread baked in beautiful Weck jars.

Crossroads Bakeshop. Almost sold out as usual. You’ve got to get there early for their fabulous olive rolls.

This was the inspiration for the excursion. Couscousieres, tagines and pans from Tunisia. The unfiltered olive oil on the right has become one of my favorites. The price is incredible at $20 a litre. Abdel should be back from Tunisia this week. I’ve been purchasing his family’s olive oil at the Ottsville Farmer’s Market and he told me he had tagines at the Stockton Market. Pretty sure I’ve picked my favorite, but I like to obsess over things so I’ve delayed the purchase. Then each day I can settle on a couscousiere and then the next day change my mind and insist that I can’t live wit’hout one of those gorgeous pans. Add in a color  selection and, for someone as manic as me, its like living in a Hitchcock thriller!

Gravity Hill Farm has a stand at Stockton and I decided to proceed down Route 29 a little ways to visit their organic farm.

Didn’t ask her name; it’s probably adorable.

This is on Lewis’ to-do-list. Yes, ” poor Lewis”.

My new friend Tracey told me about these mushrooms. The family  grows them in their garage!

And you get one of those beautiful wooden boxes with your mushrooms. I picked the lemon ones.

Look at that kitchen in the background!!!

A quick stop at the Cookery Ware Shop in Lahaska to replace the glass for Lewis’  French press coffee maker and I began to think I crawled out of my burrow into the Times Square. I rarely shop on weekends – one of the  perks of being self-employed. So when I do venture out on a Saturday or Sunday, the traffic and lines are a surprise.  I joyfully returned back to my little ramshackle farm. The overgrown lawn, where I had discontinued  mowing on Friday after hitting a yellow jacket nest didn’t even perturb me. And “poor Lewis” had finished the last doors for my kitchen cabinets. A wonderful day.

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4 Responses to “Out and About”

  1. mjla1715 Says:

    Wow, Sheila had I known you could have stopped at my house. I am right across the river from Stockton along 32. Oh those dishes are magnificent, and the colors so rich.
    What do you use the olive oil for…cooking or finishing. Is it peppery? I adore peppery OO. I get a great one at Trader Joe’s for 5.99, but it is a California Oil. Consumer Reports rated it the highest.
    I forgot to tell you on the day I picked up the Verjus, that I hav been making herb salts. So far I have made basil salt…..wonderful on tomatoes and a rosemary,garlic and black peper one.
    Great pics, hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Angela Says:

    Love the pictures!! nThe zucchini bread recipe was a hit with my family

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